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Interdisciplinary Studie

The Bachelor of Science Degree Interdisciplinary Studies program is a flexible course of study that explores the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It is an ideal program for students who want to design much of their program of study, and for transfer students because it allows for the majority of transfer credits to be applied toward the degree.

The IDS degree requires an Interdisciplinary Core of 21 credit hours, in addition to a focus of study that must include at least five courses and 15 credit hours with same prefix, or an approved minor, and the Senior Thesis. Free electives of 21 hours can be selected to achieve a minor in various disciplines or to continue advanced study in the focus of study area. The IDS degree provides students an opportunity to pursue a wide range of intellectual interests through largely self-determined areas of study.

Interdisciplinary Studies teaches ways of thinking, exploring, understanding, and seeing the world from different perspectives with a foundation in the liberal arts. The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to help create their degree program and provides a foundation for careers in law, journalism, government, and various fields of public service, or for cultural employment in organizations such as historical societies or museums.

Program Director: Jennifer Howell

Available Minors



  • Composition I
  • Composition II
  • Oral Communication for Professionals
  • University Studies
  • Mathematical Modeling or College Algebra
  • Math/Science elective
  • Inquiry electives (1 course)
  • Cultural Foundations electives (3 classes)
  • Creativity electives (2 classes)
  • Intro to Criminal Justice**


Program Required Courses (300-400 level courses)

All majors must select a minimum of 21 hours in Humanities (including the 12 Interdisciplinary Core), 30 hours in a secondary area (social science, math/science or career specialty), take six hours of additional foreign language or alternatives, and complete IDS 417 Senior Thesis during the final fall semester. Included in the 30 hours in a secondary area must be 15 hours with the same prefix (career focus) or an approved minor.

All applicable prerequisites must be met prior to selecting a course.

Humanities Art, English, Foreign Language, History, Music.

Social Sciences Economics, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Rehabilitation Studies.

Math/Science Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Math, Statistics.

Career Specialty Business, Education, Social Work.

Interdisciplinary Core required for ALL Interdisciplinary Studies (12 credit hours total)

  • ART 304 Art History I or ART 305 Art History II or ART 306 Art History III
  • ENG 301 Professional Communication or ENG 302 Creative Nonfiction Writing or ENG 303 Argumentative and Persuasive Writing or ENG 304 Intro to Creative Writing
  • HIS 451 Georgia History
  • MUS 337 History of Jazz or MUS 340 World Music or MUS 344 Pop & Rock Music

Humanities Electives (9 credit hours total) Art, English, Foreign Language, Music (applied music and art courses may be 200+ level)

Focus of Study (15 credit hours total) Must include 5 courses with same prefix, or approved minor; all courses must be 300+ level

IDS 417 Senior Thesis

Total Credit Hours for Degree 120

CIP Code: 30.000


Students planning to pursue the bachelor’s degree in Humanities first need to be admitted to the University.

To get started:

Students with no prior college credit, please provide an official high school transcript or GED. Students with prior college credit must submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges.

Send official transcripts to


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